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    A little bit of history

    The first version of trolling.com and trolling.dk was launched in November 1997. This was in the earlier days of the internet, all content management was done by the webmaster. This approach did not scale very well, as the number of member quickly rose.

    In 2000 a new version was launched, which enabled users to maintain their own data and create content. This was well before Facebook, Youtube, blogs, the war on terror and a lot of others things.

    In the spring of 2012 the site was launched on a new platform, which enables you too do even more cool things than before.

    The concept is unchanged, it is free and it is yours to share your passion with the rest of the world.

    Ideas for the future

    As systems for creating websites has improved dramatically, it is now very realistic to add more languages to the site. The only critical need is someone who speaks the language and who want to moderate for that language. Content in different languages does not have to been identical (translated), in principle the different language versions are completely independent. The site started in English and Danish, but I see no reason why people speaking other languages should not benefit from the site also.

    Some interest groups, like local clubs etc., might want to be able to publish content with very short notice. There is no reason why all content should be moderated centrally, I think it would be great (and less time consuming for me) to spread the moderation work on more people. I just want to make sure that the site is not filled with material that should not be there.


    You can reach us by email on info@trolling.com